NOTE: The following summary information is to help with hike selection and is not intended to be used for hiking the trail. For your safety and enjoyment, please obtain a copy of Sedona Hiking Guide which is available here.

Summary: A hike up the side of Oak Creek Canyon, through a pine forest and down again

Challenge Level: Hard

Hiking Distance: About 3 miles

Trailhead Location: This is a two vehicle hike. Park one vehicle on SR 89A and the other vehicle another 1.1 miles north at the Pine Flats campground.

Description: Begin the hike at the Pine Flat campground and hike up the east side of Oak Creek Canyon. The hike on Cookstove takes you up about 750 feet to a flat mesa. The trail has suffered some erosion so watch your footing. I strongly recommend use of a portable GPS unit and the GPS data available (see below) for the hike across the mesa (the trail is difficult to follow at times) and down the other side on the Harding Springs Trail (to where you left the first vehicle). Nice views of Oak Creek canyon. This hike would be a nice summer hike. I thought I saw an elk up on the mesa….

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