< Airport Loop – great distant views all around, a 3.3 mile hike (and a close vortex area)

< Baldwin – a nice hike around an unnamed rock formation with a possible side trip to the banks of Oak Creek

< Bell-Weir – follows the course of Wet Beaver Creek, views

<Boynton Canyon – a nice canyon hike (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Brins Mesa to Soldier Pass Loop – a moderate hike with 360° red rock views (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Broken Arrow – a hike to submarine rock and Chicken Point (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Chimney Rock Loop – nice views of West Sedona and the North Slope area

< Cibola Pass Jordan Loop – a nice close to town hike with beautiful views

< Cockscomb Aerie Loop – a fairly level hike circling Doe Mountain

< Courthouse Butte Loop – a moderate hike around Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock

<Devil’s Bridge – short hike to a large arch you can walk on (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Doe Mountain – 360 degree views from the top (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Hangover – a hike along the base of Mitten Ridge

< HiLIne – a narrow mountain bike trail with great views of red rocks

< Llama -views of Cathedral, Bell and Lee Mountain (vortex area) (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Huckaby – views, a hike along Oak Creek to Midgley Bridge

< Jim Thompson – a moderate hike with views of Steamboat Rock

< Little Horse – a moderate hike to Chicken Point (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Long Canyon  – a moderate hike through a forested canyon with nice views

< Marg’s Draw – a moderate in-town hike with good views

< Mescal – a hike that skirts the base of Mescal Mountain with great views

< Munds Wagon – a moderate hike that follows an old wagon trail

< Old Post to Carroll Canyon Loop – a moderate hike off of the Upper Red Rock Loop Road

< Pyramid – moderate hike up the back of the “pyramid” for splendid views

< Scheurman Mountain – distant views of Cathedral Rock, volcanic rocks

<Scorpion – hike along the side of a mountain with great views

< Soldier Pass – a hike to  large sinkhole Devil’s Kitchen and natural rock depressions 7 sacred pools

< Templeton – this hike circles beneath Cathedral Rock

< Vultee Arch – views and natural stone arch

< Wilson Canyon – a moderate hike up a picturesque canyon starting at Midgley Bridge (A FAVORITE TRAIL)

< Woods Canyon – a pleasant hike along Dry Beaver Creek to a rocky conclusion

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